• we are in need of GROW BEDS to aid in growing food all year round. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN SPONSORING A GROW BED, WE WOULD NAME THE GREENHOUSE IN YOUR HONOR. wITH YOUR GENEROUS SPONSORSHIP OF $2500, you will fulfilling a dream of our young adults. Just choose the "i want to sponsor a dream" button. If you would like to donate a greenhouse(s) it would be greatly appreciated. Our young adults will learn what is needed to provide food through non traditional growth months. Providing food all year round. your gift can provide a needed item for this program. please fill out the form below and put "GROW BED donation" in the subject line. we will also accept funds to purchase GROW BED(s). if you would like to make a monetary donation, please click on the donate button below. 

  • would you be willing to donate the liner that is required to have a successful grow bed? if you are please fill out the form below and put "liner Fund" in the subject line.  

  • would you like to sponsor a grow bed? the grow beds are used to grow plants for the aquaponics growing system. If you are willing to sponsor a grow bed for $500.00 we will place your name on a plaque upon the grow bed for everyone to see and admire your GENEROSITy. 

  • bell siphons are an INTEGRAL part of a aquaponics system. we need eight of them to get this program off to a good running start. if you are able to donate to this area of the seeds of empowerment program, it will be GRATEFULLY appreciated.  

  • would you want to sponsor led grow lights. we are needing seven of them. the minimum donation for the led grow lights will be $250.00. for this generous sponsorship your name will feature PROMINENTLY on the light fixture. 

  • we are in need of a 3300 gallon water pump for our aquaponics growing system. 

  • we need media for our grow beds. we will be using these as a growing medium for our plants. 

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