"Endless opportunities"


“A happy and healthy community for young adults with special needs is not a fairytale. It is our responsibility to make it reality.”

—Susan Van Etten-Kinder


Mission Statement     

Sometimes situations occur that interfere with our ability to maintain and increase our connections. Traumatic brain injury, autism and mental retardation can be included among these situations. Some situations can improve with time; sometimes re-enforcement is what is needed and sometimes assistance can make all the difference. Infinite Possibilities has developed what we believe is a well-rounded program to enhance our client’s ability to achieve the connections that will create a quality of life based on personal dreams. 


No one is fully-formed: it is through self-experience in the world that we become what we are.
— Paulo Freire


We will strive to increase our participants independence and self-reliance by reinforcing daily living skills. While providing a safe and friendly environment to maintain ongoing relationships, and the opportunity to form new ones. We encourage participation in the community through entrepreneurship and volunteerism, which will allow each individual to grow and enjoy their experience.